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AllMax CLA Femme – 60 Rapid Release Liquid Softgel

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• Naturally derived from Safflower Oil
• Aids in Weight Loss
• Improves Lean Body Composition

Backed by Over 300 Research Studies

CLA has been found to promote the body’s natural fat metabolism making it easier to get your body in shape. Several studies investigating the effects of CLA on weight management and body composition suggest this. Studies suggest that supplementation with CLA aids in weight management by promoting fat loss. When weight is gained, or regained after a diet, CLA may help inhibit the growth of fat cells improving the shape of the body.

• Naturally derived from Safflower Oil
• Aids in Weight Loss
• Improves Lean Body Composition

“Naturally derived from Safflower Oil”

The impact of this natural and effective weight loss wonder is clear. The breadth of heavily substantiated research is undeniable. You can take full advantage of this amazing nutrient and feel confident knowing the ALLMAX Nutrition brand has the highest standards of manufacturing available.

“CLA80 FEMME is a natural and effective way to maintain a healthy body weight.”

CLA80 FEMME uses premium grade 80% Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Naturally derived from Safflower Oil, CLA80 FEMME provides 80% of the key isomers that scientifically suggests to improve body composition, decrease body fat and improve body shape.

CLA80 FEMME is 100% derived from Safflower Oil

CLA80 FEMME is 100% derived from Safflower Oil. Many other supplements may use Sunflower Oil as Sunflower oil is a cheaper way to derive CLA. However, Sunflower Oil does not produce as much active CLA. Safflower Oil contains 80% CLA while Sunflower Oil only provides 40% of active CLA. CLA80 FEMME contains 100% Safflower Oil and provides 80% of the key CLA isomers.

CLA80 FEMME is the perfect complement to the Femme lifestyle. Try it with IsoFemme protein smoothies for women. For your ultimate weight loss stack combine CLA80 FEMME with Rapidcuts FEMME. In no time you’ll transform your body and transform your life!

CLA is extremely effective for weight loss but it should be noted that it is not a thermogenic. It has been found to be helpful for improving overall shape and body composition.

CLA80 FEMME works exceptionally well when stacked with a fat burner such as Rapidcuts FEMME. Combined, the two can elicit an extreme fat burning response by increasing the metabolic rate and increasing the rate of fat loss.


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